Why Web Video?

What to increase traffic approximately 400%?


Are you a site owner? Are you having a hard time to GET MORE SALES even though you have tried everything? You've attempted SEO, SEP, Pay Per Click, and e-mail. However your sales are not what you believe they need to be yet. They aren't even close to what you TRULY want. Are you getting annoyed? Are you searching for methods to REALLY increase sales? Or if you haven't tried anything yet since everything seems so confusing ... What if you could get both more traffic and more sales. We can help!

Include video on your website

ENHANCE Traffic and Rocket Sales!

You heard me. A web expert recently reported video is 50X's most likely to appear in the top ten than your site. Let me duplicate that: Web video is 50X's most likely to come up in the TOP TEN on search engines. In other words, if you desire to increase traffic and sales you must have video!

What's Your Video Technique?

You Need a Video Strategy

If you don't have a video strategy, call us at 801-748-2281. We will talk with you about these remarkable opportunities to make your website the very best. Our video professional will give you a FREE ASSESSMENT.

Do you require more information?

OK! Here's more

78% feel that online video ads supply as much or more of an opportunity to discover an item or service.
Individuals want you to have videos. The wish to discover more. When you utilize VIDEO, AUDIO, and TEXT together, studies reveal people find out better. You will engage your visitors much better. Have you viewed the video here yet? If not, do it now. It offers people the very same information, however in such a way that TEXT ALONE CAN'T PROVIDE

Video Gets people to act

64% say they have actually acted after seeing an online video.

What? 64 Percent% have taken action? Are you joke me? What else do I need to tell you? People are doing something about it. This is amazing. Do I need to keep typing? Yes, I do. Because you do not alter easily. You need an individual invitation.

For best Video results

How-TO Videos

Your brand name can be a hundred various things, but there is always space for making how-to videos.

  • Behind The Scenes Video

  • Item Demonstrations

  • Website Walkthrough

  • How to Utilize Your Item

Many people enjoy online video

77% of United States Internet Consumers are enjoying online video clips. Anybody who states in a different way runs out touch with the current market. In truth, video is drawing practically similarly from any age demographics. Above all, it's not just kids. The people with the cash are enjoying too!


Enhance Search Engine Result

Even though you are not a media company, you should still consider the perks of video. Google loves video because they own the largest video platform in the world, YouTube. In addition, A well optimized video is more than 50x more likely to appear on the first page of search results.

Take the Video Leap

It is time to take the leap and find out more. It is easy. Call us at 801-748-2281 for a Free assessment. We will go over your site with you and examine your objectives. After that we supply you with a truthful opinion of what could help you finest.

A web expert recently reported video is 50X's more likely to appear in the top 10 than your site. People desire you to have videos. Research studies show people find out much better when you use VIDEO, AUDIO, and TEXT together. 77% of US Web Consumers are viewing online video clips. Google enjoys video due to the fact that they own the largest video platform in the world, YouTube.

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